Smoky Valley Champions Club

The Smoky Valley Champions Club is not your average rewards program. At Smoky Valley we believe in our 4-H and FFA youth members, so we invented a rewards program where our VICs (Very Important Champions) who trust us for their equine and livestock nutritional needs not only earn Smoky Valley Bucks, but also get to join a club promoting a community of good sportsmanship and animal husbandry.

How do I join and start earning rewards?

Simply stop in and sign up to be a Smoky Valley VIC (Very Important Champion).  As a VIC you will earn Smoky Valley Bucks (SVBs) when you bring in feed tags or UPC codes from bags of eligible equine or livestock feeds you purchase here (see chart for eligible feeds and redemption values).   We will deposit your Smoky Valley Bucks (SVBs) earned to your VIC Savings Account. Your earned SVBs will be eligible for redemption two weeks prior to the event(s) you signed up for.  SVBs may only be used to purchase Weaver branded items.

What are Smoky Valley Bucks?

Think of Smoky Valley Bucks (SVBs) as the currency you earn to grow your special VIC Savings Account. Earn SVBs by bringing in your eligible equine and/or livestock feed tags/UPC codes (see chart for eligible feeds and SVB value below). When you bring in feed tags/upc’s we will deposit your earned SVBs to your VIC savings account. Each SVB earned is worth $1 of Weaver branded products.

What does it really mean to be a Smoky Valley VIC?

Being a Smoky Valley VIC (Very Important Champion) does not mean you have to win a banner, or even a ribbon.  At Smoky Valley we prize individuals who put Honesty and Integrity above all. We encourage our VICs who have a passion for animals, as well as ambition and drive to be hard workers. Smoky Valley cherishes VICs who also have the determination to persist through all challenges while being kind and helpful to their fellow showmen. In fact, we believe in these qualities so much we created a motivational Facebook group just for our members!

As a VIC you can connect with Smoky Valley’s family of showmen who support and learn from each other by joining our private group:

CLICK HERE to join Smoky Valley Champions Club on facebook!

*Smoky Valley Champions Club facebook group rules apply*

What feeds are eligible for the Smoky Valley Champions Club reward program?

Bring in feed tags/upc codes from the following livestock and equine feeds to grow your VIC savings account:

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