Promote Hair Growth on your Show Cattle

Keys to calf hair growth + Daily hair care for cattle
Daily Hair Care for Your Calf

To stimulate hair growth, it is common practice to rinse and blow-dry a calf twice each day, usually morning and night. Running cold water on your cattle creates circulation and promotes stimulation for hair growth. As part of your rinsing routine, wash your calf once or twice a week using a mild foaming shampoo with conditioning properties according to instructions. These type of shampoos work well because the foaming action lifts away dust and dirt quickly and easily without any or much scrubbing. Caked on dirt and mud may require the use of a massage brush that will also stimulate the hair and hide.

ProHair100 promotes an ideal environment for healthy hair growth. It encourages the growth of new hair while revitalizing existing hair.

Daily Hair Care for Cattle Hair Growth

Directions for washing a cow

When done washing, follow the same steps for daily rinsing below:

1. After rinsing your calf, tie it in a cattle grooming chute to make working hair easier. Chutes can be scary places for a young calf, so be sure to perform regular tying and periods of time in a chute to get your calf used to standing for longer periods of time.

2. ProConditioner, you mix with water and then apply to the calf.

3. Remove excess water by using a massage brush in the direction of hair growth.

4. Once excess water is removed, brush hair downward with your Fluffer Comb, as shown in Figure 1, to eliminate any kinks, curls or waves.

5. Using a blower and Fluffer Comb to dry your calf and help train the hair, blow hair from back to front while combing it forward and up as shown in Figure 2 . This will start to help the hair stand up to get the desired show ring pop and bloom. When using a blower, it is important to use a slow, sweeping movement to help prevent lines in your calf’s hair.

Conditioning Cattle Hair


It’s very important to replenish any oils and moisture that may have been stripped during rinsing back into the hair and hide. Blow in products like a ProCharge/ ProPolish combo.

1. When your calf is still damp, spray on ProCharge/ProPolish while blowing it in, once again remembering to blow forward and up. We recommend mixing one part ProCharge Reconditioning Liquid to three parts ProPolish for the perfect combination of nourishing, restoring and protective properties.

2. After you have blown in the ProCharge / ProPolish, use your Fluffer Comb to comb the product into the hair, make sure to comb the same direction as in Step 5.

It is important to note, however, that rinsing during colder months may not be possible depending on your facility. If, for example, you do not have a heated barn and a blower and it is under 40°, it may not be safe to wash your calf. During this time, you can still work hair by blowing in ProCharge/ ProPolish and combing it as demonstrated in Figure 2.

Your regimen may differ slightly, but keep in mind the importance of incorporating these steps for healthy hair growth. For more tips on growing and training hair, check out our videos at

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