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Our New & Improved Show Pig Waterer & Feeder Pen Station is a completely adjustable hookover system that is the most durable, versatile, easy to configure and travel friendly show pig setup on the market. 

Our Show Pig system is tough enough for every day barn use, so why is it so perfect for showing?  Because at only 10 lbs, and with it’s fast and easy setup, it’s designed for making traveling as easy as possible.  Not to mention it reduces feed waste and helps keep your pens cleaner.  There is nothing else on the market like it!

  • Fully adjustable waterer, feeder & separate hooks make this system extremely versatile and easy to setup.
  • 2″ Feeder Adjustment Pattern on the bottom 11 inches of the brackets let you fine tune your feeder setup.
  • Tall or short stall panels are no problem with our NEW design including 36″ tall straight brackets and fully adjustable top hooks.
  • Fast setup!  Simply hook over your gate, panel or fence (up to 2″ thick) and attach the heavy duty brace bracket to the outside of your stall panel with the included wing nuts to secure your feeder.
  • Reduces mess in your pens
  • Designed with the health & safety of your hogs in mind
  • Saves money on shipping vs. other feed and water systems.

In addition to quick and easy setup, this system is only 10 lbs. making it perfect for traveling and shows!

Complete Show Pig Pen Station includes:

  • 36″ Heavy Duty Brackets – 1/4″ thick aluminum (pair)
  • Separate Adjustable Hooks – 1/4″ thick aluminum (pair)
  • 2.5 Gallon Pig Pen Waterer
  • NEW Heavy Duty thick walled 14″ Feeder with interior aluminum bracket that attaches to the pen system with smooth carriage bolts for safety, and for “flip-free” feed waste reduction and durable installation built to last.
  • Heavy Duty Brace Bracket that locks the feeder onto your stall panel or fence using wing nuts for fast setup and adjustment.
    *You can add a 2nd Brace Bracket and use them vertically for horizontal rails..
  • 3′ Tie Strap is included if you want to use it to further secure your waterer.

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Weight 20 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 17.5 × 8 in
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